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SoundCloud Needs Some Sound To Promote

Posted on April 21, 2015 in tips

If you are one of those people who think that once you have uploaded your music your job is done, then you need to think again! Once you have uploaded your track then you must actively take part in the promotion of your track. If required, then you can also buy SoundCloud plays so that more and more people get to know what you are playing. If you sit quietly, then your profile will also be silent and nobody will ever notice you even if you come up with some great music.

SoundCloud Needs Some Sound To Promote

Interaction with others in the social media is very important. Not only in SoundCloud but you can even carry your conversation out of this platform as well. Connecting with fellow musicians and better networking will take you a long way. This will help you in spreading awareness about your music and drawing more number of audiences towards your track.

How to work around in SoundCloud

Now when you have uploaded your track on SoundCloud, the next step that you need to take is to share it on social media and with your friends as well. The more people will know about your existence the better. One of the best ways to get everybody’s attention is to repost. The reposting of a track has great potential to draw crowds and be popular in no time. You can also provide some free downloads from SoundCloud in a quest to gain some followers.

Everybody likes to have free products, therefore when you will offer them just that then automatically you will see an increase in the number of audience. So you must indulge in providing some free tracks to your audience every now and then. This will also work for starving artists as well because when you are giving out free stuffs then it draws attention and has the ability of going viral as well. Apart from providing free stuffs you can also buy SoundCloud comments for your tracks. When audiences pay a visit to your profile, then the positive comments about your track will help you fetch larger audiences.

The Largest fan base facilitates good revenue

In order to acquire a large fan base you can join some groups that have like – minded people. People who have similar taste in music as that of yours and when you do that, make sure you submit your track in them as well. If you are part of a group that reflects the same genre of music that you are producing then you will get a good number of audiences already. You can also opt for some groups depending on the location you are staying. It will help you find a large fan base right on your doorstep and it might also provide you with some future association as well. If in case you are not receiving as much likes as you want, then you can buy SoundCloud likes which will help you in boosting your morale. Make sure that you join groups that match with your music sensibilities.

Making The Most Of Social Media Advantage Through LinkedIn

Posted on April 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

In today’s world when you cannot think about anything that doesn’t have technology involved in it, the online platforms and its prospects are becoming more and more competitive. Some platforms seems to be saturated therefore the users are venturing out different platforms to enjoy some free space for themselves. But the fact remains that it is becoming very difficult for everybody to differentiate the platform which is worthwhile.

Linkedin social media

The platform of LinkedIn is one such platform which has to offer various applications and tools that will help you in building up a good connection. LinkedIn is the most impactful platform in every aspect of business and individual alike. It is highly effective because the number proves that. On this platform of LinkedIn you will be able to update useful and relevant information about your job, post updates about your company, add professional photos and come up with a conversation that means business.

Therefore, it is quite clear that it is nothing like any other social networking sites where the status updates are more about personal outings and hang outs. Though there are several other social networking sites, but if you want to get a serious connection, then you have to depend on the platform of LinkedIn solely and that too mainly because it is the only platform where people look forward to making business venture more than meaningless updates.

Building network online

In order to start building network what you can do initially is buy guaranteed LinkedIn followers first and when it gives you the kick start that you needed then you will be able to roll out comfortably. The platform of LinkedIn includes professors, college friends, classmates, current employer and co – workers along with group or club or chamber associates.

The list is long and is inclusive of every name that means business. Take the easiest route first by inviting people to connect to you whom you know personally like your classmates, professors or college friends or even your co – workers as well. Then include your email contacts and ask them to connect with you so that you can make the most of it. If you are part of any Chamber of Commerce or any club then extend your connection that way also.

You can attend some trade shows and hang in till the end so that you can extend your connection with the people who matters the most to your business by collecting their business card. If they are in the LinkedIn account, then you can ask them to connect with you over there and carry on with business conversation in this platform as well.

Creating groups as per choice

When you are making new connection just try to dig into the information which they really like and start a group based on the topic that they are interested in. This way you will be able to engage them and start a conversation which will be really helpful for everybody including you.


The List Of Most Viral Facebook Scams And How To Avoid Them

Posted on April 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

Facebook has taken the world by storm. It has acquired millions of users and is clearly the global meeting place of people online. It offers easy account creation and quick sharing of links. It is popular to the extent of being used as a substitute for daily news concerning subjects related to the person holding the account. Quick in sharing news, photos, videos and much more that helps staying in touch with all of one’s friends an easy task. This has also attracted scammers who use illegal means to redirect to other pages or cause linking to the user’s account every time on accessing it. There are some very famous Facebook scams today which can be found on the site more often. Whatever the case, it must always be kept in mind that we must avoid links that seem too good to be true.

Facebook Scam

Facebook has a Dislike button! Enable the Feature

This is a very common scam that claims users to have a dislike button just like a like button and shows a dislike sign on the page. Upon clicking it no such denomination is actually awarded to the object intended, instead a virus will be inherited that can cause a lot of trouble for the user’s profile. So, next time if anything like this show up it would be better to simply ignore it.

Introducing Facebook Viewers

This is another result of an evil minded person bent on deriving pleasure from the suffering of other people. This feature supposedly lets a user know who has been viewing their profile, a very useful tool indeed, only if it were for real. This option is just like any other scam which does anything but what it is actually supposed to do, the result, an infected Facebook account and a whole lot of mess, is this solution? Let’s just leave the viewers to do their business because we never share anything too precious.

Dad Drops his Daughter to Try Catch a Baseball on LIVE TV

A very interesting caption, assured to grab the attention of at least more than one baseball fan. And rest assured, no dad is actually crazy enough to drop his daughter to catch a baseball. All these things are just made up to grab headlines, just as this Facebook scam doing nothing else other than create a whole lot of trouble for the user and sometimes even infecting the computer. It is better to pay no heed to such advertisements and be focused on our friends.

Find your Profile Blocker with New Trick

Privacy is a very important issue among all Facebook users. No one wants to leave their profile open in the lurch for unwanted viewers. Although Facebook does not provide this feature, there is a hoax message that victimizes people unsuspecting its sinister motives, by assuring to teach them ways to block their profile for all but their friends. After having gathered sufficient information about the user profile this scamming virus will eventually go on to vandalizing the user profile.